Bonneville SpeedWeek 2016


Speedweek is like a family reunion with a family that you actually want to hang out with. There is never enough time to visit with all the folks that you look forward to seeing every year. I had some nice long visits with many old friends and several new ones on the Salt itself. And […]

MotoMan and MotoBella

MotoMan and MotoBella

Serialized Ducati artwork for the true Ducati enthusiast upcoming with the MotoMan and MotoBella series. Yes — I’m not forgetting the female tifosi out there who have a passion for Ducati’s as well! More upcoming in the next few weeks and the first one will integrate a bit of Desmosedici bitsa into it as a […]

Thursday shipments

Thursday shipments

Thanks for the prompt payments — orders shipped to Van Nuys, California and Helsinki, Finland.

Monday update

Monday update

Packages shipped today to New York, Louisiana and Denmark. Enjoy! =) M1100 Monster Righty BoomTubes that were just listed on eBay are now sold. Hooligan baffles swapped for standard baffles. Also for all future eBay listings, I am doing a Flat Rate billing charge given eBay’s shipping calculator being all fubar’d up. When the exhausts […]

ebay listed: Ducati M1100 11...


One-off set of M1100 Ducati Monster Righty BoomTubes now listed on eBay after 28 months of non-response for “balance due invoices” upon them. (note: I’m going to list several additional system that balances have not been paid upon after numerous invoices or customers just indicating “sell ’em” and get them a prorated refund once/if […]

Sport Classic Biposto BoomTu...


Just back from ceramics late yesterday and final assembly today. Sport Classic Biposto BoomTubes with brushed finish tips and standard baffle setup. Getting packaged and final invoice being sent shortly.

Shipments and Invoices

Shipments and Invoices

Shipments went out today to: California, Florida and Vietnam. Thank you! Also reminder invoices have been to several customers with “balance due” on their exhaust systems from three months to 27 months ago. I have several exhaust systems which if the balances are not paid shortly, I will post on the website or eBay and […]

RIP — Sam Wheeler


Sam Wheeler. He was the second vehicle to run at a test session yesterday at the Bonneville Speed Flats near Wendover, Utah. Unfortunately he had a big crash during his test run. He was life flighted to Salt Lake City and died during surgery. Truly a nice guy. Sam was engaged in a passion that […]

Late July updates


Several late July updates: – After moving the mail services to a new ISP to deal with the e-mail spammer issues (it took three weeks to make happen), once setup they cancelled the service upon the bandwidth crunch that it caused upon their other customers — along with the spammers firing several Denial-of-service attacks upon […]