Ceramic coater was supposed to package and return nine exhaust systems but hasn’t as of yet. He will get packaged what they have finished and shipped in the next two days with delivery to Arizona by UPS Ground delivery.

Mail server is off-line — or the mail parser toolset actually is. Huge bandwidth issue (by spammers) caused suspension of hosting service and thus now need to relocate it to a new server hosting facility. Everything should be operational in a few days and I can get the backlog parsed for valid e-mails from customers.

There are several CNC’d aluminum parts that are machined and awaiting finish treatment or ceramics. Given the continual problem with ceramic coaters since moving to Arizona the last three years, I’m in the process of obtaining the equipment and will do it all in-house upcoming. It is just unacceptable for turn around of ceramic coating to be 4+ weeks or longer plus shipping itself. (Or damage or complete loss of systems) Crazy. My goal is to be able to build an exhaust system (or parts) and then in a 72hr period following that to ceramic coat it and cure it properly and package for shipment.

Note: For those wanting to have visited with myself at SEMA in Las Vegas, the museum in Detroit or at El Mirage dry lakes in California… injuries have precluded travel as of late and I missed all the events. (And several more upcoming) Finally healing though and back to about 70% for short periods of times. Injuries don’t heal as fast as they once did unfortunately.

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