MotoStore / Custom Exhaust Orders / Exhaust Order Policy


I am implementing a new set of policies on all exhaust orders. I’m doing this because too many customers in the past have ordered a custom exhaust system and have then later not had the money to pay the balance of it or wanted to cancel the order. I apologize for the changes, but they are necessary. The new policy includes the following:

1. To initiate an order, a 70% upfront payment is needed via PayPal. The 30% balance + shipping costs are due when system is finished and ready for shipment.

2. Upon completion, if the 30% balance + shipping costs are not paid in full within 30 days of my having the exhaust completed, packaged, and an invoice sent to you, then I reserve the right to sell the exhaust system with the following stipulations:

A. There will be an administrative processing fee of $100 per system deducted from any refund tendered.

B. All PayPal initial payment transaction fees that I already paid will be deducted as well from any refund tendered.

C. All PayPal transaction and eBay fees as part of the process of selling the system will be deducted as well from any refund tendered.

D. Once a system is physically sold, payment received via PayPal from new acquiring customer and physically shipped, then the initial customer will be refunded any remaining balance due via PayPal (minus the above fees).