MotoStore / Custom Exhaust Orders / Pricing Example

Here is what the typical charges would be for someone ordering a set of standard style Shotgun exhausts for their 2006 Ducati Sport Classic with black coated tips and residing in say Poland.


• 2006 Ducati Sport Classic set of Shotguns (standard style): US $1325
• Standard Baffle configuration: N/C
• Standard Log: N/C
• Ceramic Coated exhaust tips: US $25
• Shipped to Poland via USPS Priority International)

Subtotal: US $1350

Initial payment of 70% of $1350 = $945 (PayPal invoice)

Remainder 30% balance: US $405
Shipping to Europe: US $94 (USPS Priority International)
Handling and Packaging: US $20

Final payment due (before shipping): US $519 (PayPal invoice)

note: if Arizona resident, sales tax of 7.800% will be charged to the total. Deduct the $20 Handling/Packaging charge.