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2016: Finding my way back “home”

I remember as a young kid how I filled up binders and binders with my hot rod and sports car drawings. I remember as a teenager the magazine stands I visited regularly and the articles saved from classic sports car magazines that animated my imagination. I remember the hours as a young man spent restoring that first great Ferrari racecar and the first time the engine roared on the track after winning numerous concours d’elegance trophies for a job well done. I remember the amazing adult friendships that I have formed with the great metal fabricators and race car drivers of previous eras — guys that I had read about and who had pursued their own dreams. These are what motivated me and inspired me to take a leap of faith and build my Ducati powered DesmoDevil twelve years ago and the desire to build something different from the mundane norm.

These are the memories that inspired my dream of being in business for myself was built on. A business that has allowed me to make reality out of my imagination. It’s been a hard journey, but a rewarding one as well. I’ve learned so much and come so far. However, part of me has been wanting to find my way back “home”. Back to the imagination behind those drawings of my youth. The reality is the last eight years or so I have become sidetracked more and more on the Ducati motorcycle exhaust business. I’ve enjoyed it and still do, but 2016 is the year for me to find my inspiration again. The exhaust business will continue, but my focus is going to be more on trying to find my way back to creating and building unique projects (artwork) and parts (motorcycle and automotive). It’s what I do best and it’s what I love more than anything. And with this new journey will come a new website. I want to share this renewed enthusiasm with others. I want the new website to tell my future story and projects while also sharing the great memories of the past. Plus, it will highlight the new parts and products available for immediate purchase and custom ordering.

Sometimes we need to go back to our roots to find inspiration for a new journey. I hope to do that in 2016. I welcome you to join me on this new adventure.

Mark / January 2016

2015 and earlier:

After being outside of Tacoma, Washington for the past several years due to family and work, I closed up the shop there and relocated back to the warmth and the sunshine outside of Phoenix, Arizona again where MotoCreations originated long ago. Thus now a different shop for fabrication and equipment, more room to expand into new products that have been put on hold due to limited facility resources prior and to put in place a new business structure that will more myself forward for growth and building cool new stuff and sales thereof.

My personal DesmoDevil still resides at my home or at the shop at times. It is amazing what has happened over the last decade in terms of publicity of this unique Ducati powered motorcycle since July 2004; recognition by ex-Ducati executives (and now Ducati dealership training) of its status and influence within Ducati itself for the Diavel; and that it is still running today with only an occasional hiccup due to timing belts, tires or tune ups. And yes, it still draws as much attention on the road today as when it was originally built!

There are a few other personal Ducati-powered projects that will slowly debut in the future that have been underway for several years. A modern Ducati Paso.EVO rendition for 2-up sport riding. My Scuderia Nuvolari project as if Tazio Nuvolari commissioned a racebike with a Ducati single cylinder racing engine in the 1930’s from the Scuderia Ferrari. And after almost 14 years of searching, the parts were found recently to build my iteration of what a Bimota db1 would be if created today but with the old styling that I love.

Also one of my passions in life is to run some Ducati powered vehicles down the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah upcoming and create some Ducati powered landspeed world records. Follow our Team Hyperliner links above to learn more.

Mark / June 2013